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Byzantine Greek-Style Vestments

Our Byzantine Greek-style Orthodox Priest’s Vestments are designed using the best fabrics, high quality galloons and richly embroidered crosses from around the world. We insist on working with only the very highest quality mills producing the finest workmanship.

Set includes: Phelonion, Epitrahilion (stole), Zone (belt) and  Epimanikia (cuffs).


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Our Greek-style vestments feature proportions and design elements (particularly the shoulder-fitting phelonion) indicative of the vestments currently used in churches with a Byzantine-style liturgical heritage, particularly the Greek and Antiochian Churches. If you wish to order a matching Stikharion, Epigonation (Palitsa), or Chalice Covers (Veils), then please specify your preference in your order. Thank you!